About Me

Dear open-minded soul,

I am Marie J. Caesar, a proud liberal, feminist, environmentalist, LGBT+ rights defender and generally speaking a philanthropist. Born in 93 in Berlin and successfully graduated in Ethnology.

Freedom is a drug for me!

Yep, you have heard it right. Freedom is a drug for me! I want to be independent. I want to live out my individuality. I do not want to be judged and offended for being who I am. And the most important thing here: I WANT THAT FOR EVERYONE ELSE TOO! No one should be afraid to live their life as wished. Every one has the same right to be here on earth. We should all respect each other and spread love. Life is to short to hate. We are all human beings.

Opression, racism, sexism… FAKE NEWS!

Currently living in the beatiful and open minded city Berlin, I decided to stop being a passive recipient and start acting in a way I feel confident to contribute at least a small amount to the overall fight against all those things that are harming our human society to live in peace and freedom together. Opression, racism, sexism, inequality, pollution and a big pile of bullshit spreaded by fake news and internet trolls is a clear threat nowadays to a true liberal lifestyle.

Trump, Putin, Erdogan…

In times like this, where radical male politicians (such as Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Duterte, Kim Jong Un etc.) use their power to push nationalistic movements, blame minorities and only focus on themselves, it is necessary to stand up and speak up against it. New borders and barriers are created every day by unresponsible, egoistic and superficial decisions while ignoring the individuality and complexity of problems. As a consequence what emerges is isolation, hatred, malevolence and anxiety. We need to stop this vicious circle.

Lets form a peaceful resistance¬†😊

I really hope that what I write can be of value for some of you. I also hope to be able to change the mind of people who are held hostage by their negative emotions and feelings. Thanks for taking your time and reading this. It means a lot to me!¬†Lets form a peaceful resistance¬†😊

With Love :*
M.J. Caesar