Why leaving the UN Human Rights Council is a fatal mistake

Since Trump became president we have witnessed a lot of indignities to our liberal lifestyle. This time he crossed a tremendously important line again with such ease that it can be seen as a big F*** YOU to all the people who fight for human rights all over the world.

The US leaving the human rights council resulted in incomprehensible head-shaking and the lack of understanding among other nations in the council. The signal we received was painfully clear: We care less about human rights than political power games.

Trump behaves again like a butt sore child

By taking his decision Trump behaves again like a butt sore child who was not allowed to watch TV after 11pm within school week. Trumps administration justifies the decision by saying that the council has a bias against Israel by pointing out the number of accusations and exhortations aimed at USA´s close ally. Further, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley states that “the Human Rights Council has been a protector of human rights abusers”.

Political dick-measuring contest

I can not disagree more with that type of argumentation simply by two reasons. What Trump and his entourage clearly misses to see is that it should not be a question of who called out who in specific cases but rather of what is exactly happening in a given situation. The human rights council should not be another place for a political dick-measuring contest but a tool to help people in need by empowering human rights. If Israel violated the human rights in some specific cases, there is a chance that mentioning it will help people affected by it, ally or not.

Refusing to communicate will not help anyone

And secondly, abandoning this valuable channel of communication (the human rights council) will clearly not help to argue with those other abusers. Having regular meetings with a large group of different nations regulated by clear norms and an agenda makes it a lot easier not only to address and discuss violations of human rights but also to find solutions how things can be changed for the better. Instead of just turning their backs on these problems Trumps administration should strengthen their appearance within the council and start acting with strong determination for the good of the people. Refusing to communicate will not help anyone.

Therefore, it can be said that by ordering to leave the human rights council, he only proofed us again that he is a threat to a liberal and peaceful world order. In the end, it is not about politics but human life.


With Love :*

M.J. Caesar

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